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HVAC Diagnosis, Check Engine Lights, ABS Light

General Repairs,
Specialist Repairs



NYS Inspections, Oil Changes, Brakes, Tire Mount & Balance, Fluid Flushes

This is the best money that you will spend on your car, period. Properly diagnosing a car leads to quicker and more efficient repairs. It saves you money by replacing the correct part the very first time. There are three things you are paying for when you're charged a diagnostic fee:

  1. Diagnostic equipment ($$$$)

  2. Technician’s time spent on diagnostic

  3. Technician education, experience, and knowledge


The most common light customers need diagnosed is their check engine light (CEL, MIL). This light illuminates when there is an emissions or running issue. There are a million different reasons why this light can be illuminated.  A scan tool can point you in the right direction but rarely delivers a concrete answer, which is where additional equipment and technician experience comes into play.  


Other systems that need to be diagnosed are anti­lock brakes (ABS), airbag system, traction control system (ASR, ESP, EDL, TRAC), electronic pedal control (EPC), and general electrical system diagnostics such as lights, horn, radio, sunroof, windows and various other systems that can be present depending on vehicle options.  There is no set time in which a vehicle can be diagnosed. It can take an hour or a day depending on how difficult the problem is to locate. We strongly encourage customers that need a diagnostic to drop off their vehicle so an appropriate amount of time can be spent accurately diagnosing the concern.


A&K Eurowerx provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Thorough multipoint and general vehicle inspection

  • Scheduled maintenance

  • Wheels and tires. 

  • Brake and suspension repair

  • Exhaust replacement and repair (welding)

  • Comprehensive engine repair/replacement

  • Transmission repair/replacement

  • Advanced electrical diagnostics

  • Advanced drivability diagnostics

  • NVH diagnostics (noise, vibration, harshness)


Oil changes are still the most important thing you can do to keep your vehicle running smoothly, but even today people still neglect to do this regularly.  We will check on your last oil change when you bring your vehicle in to be written up for service. It’s too important to miss so we'll make sure you don’t!


Other maintenance items include NYS Inspections, brake, transmission, and differential fluid flushes, spark plugs, cabin and air filters, and brakes. Different vehicles have different service intervals, which we can look up based on your vehicle through our comprehensive shop management/repair info program Identifix.

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